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Charlene Alvarez is the founder of Go Green Kids Worldwide, Inc. (501(c)(3) and Go Green Kids & Parents Magazine and workshops.  She is an extremely dedicated and passionate individual. Charlene has a wealth of knowledge and background experience in the green world in sustainability & recycling. Previously working as an Environmental Hazardous Waste Coordinator sparked her awareness of environmental involvement on a community and national based level. In addition to becoming the Director of Go Green Kids Worldwide, Inc., Charlene is an artist, inventor, writer and, mother of two kids.  She is dedicated to bringing forth a sustainable future for all minors and families in whole body with a family and community effort.  She's created a class program suited for education through artistic creation and learning skills using environmental hands on instructions with school children.  The class embodies the importance of environmental awareness through a media plateform to learn lifelong skills for careers using nature as a learning curriculum in many mediums.  She holds a commissioned seat in the city of Dania, Florida Green Advisory Board and The Cultural Arts Council.  She has many professional networks and social meeting events and workshops to continue her work and love for children and the earth.



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Go Green Kids Worldwide, Inc. & Parents Magazine is dedicated to creating a strong sense of  awareness, community, enjoyment, involvement and education regarding environment aspects in addition to a healthy positive lifestyle fit for children, families and adults. Go Green Kids Worldwide, Inc. & Parents Magazine captures the essence of society bringing forth a better world for our future generations.

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