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Go Green Kids Products are currently being distributed to children in the Broward Medical Center i.e. Chris Evert Center and the Heartland Care Child Life Specialist for TiLLi Kids Hospice Center in Broward County and Miami, Florida.  Through these very important entities, we are sharing the green that is available to ALL children through the products that bring healing and the harvest of the gardens in their hearts and journey to health. Go Green Kids has a variety of products that serve to recognize that no child should be exempt from the benefits of nature and art creativity.  

Chris Evert Children's Hospital |

Chris Evert Children's Hospital - Broward County Hospital


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Go Green Kids Worldwide, Inc. (501(c)(3) and  with Go Green Kids & Parents Magazine is dedicated to creating a strong sense of  awareness, community, enjoyment, involvement and education regarding environmental aspects in addition to a healthy positive lifestyle fit for children, families and adults. Go Green Kids Worldwide, Inc., and Go Green Kids & Parents Magazine captures the essence of society, bringing forth a better world for our future generations.

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