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Greeting cards for children and adults, they are uniquely hand painted and one of a kind. &nbsp;Cards are painted on photo paper with the intent of framing a ‘4x6’ one of a kind art piece after use, simply peel off recycled card. &nbsp;The art cards come in a clear sleeve and are available in boxes of 6, 12 &nbsp;or individually. Please e-mail [email protected] for specific themes or designs available.
Recycled Art Cards
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Go Green Kids is a company dedicated to providing and encouraging children and parents in the recognition of sustainability. Through our mission we have developed Go Green Kids Apperal (coming soon) and products. Our mission is to recognize that all children are entitled to the expression of art, gardening and recycling while contributing in their participation to healing the gardens of their mind and Earth. Each product designed has a unique meaning behind its creation. All products are hand made and sewn. Each represents sustainability and creativity for children to keep in mind that our future is in their hands and creativity to resign a new world.

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introducing the green box


The Lil Green Box will come with four (4) activities to keep your child busy for those long summer days with nothing to do.  The Lil Green Box comes with step by step directions for each activity.  The Lil Green Box will come with supplies including recyclable materials and earth’s products that are seen in a child's everyday world. Your child will have the Lil Green Box delivered right to their door on a monthly basis or one time gift.


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Your satisfaction is our goal. We are confident you will enjoy your product however if you are not fully satisfied we will offer a full refund with a letter of discontent you must return the merchandise within     10-15 business days for an exchange or full refund in the form of original payment. The item returned must be in its original packaging with the product unused in salable condition.


We offer standerd shipping and handling rate of only $5.99 globally. We aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours. US residents can expect your new and exciting products within 5-10 business days.

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